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DevOps Real time training in sr nagar 

Location Andhra Pradesh
Type of ad: Professional Offer
Posted by: Sadguru
Member since: 19/05/2014
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Introduction to DevOps
•What is DevOps?
•DevOps definitions
•DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle
•DevOps main objectives
•Development SDLC : Waterfall & Agile
•Dev vs. Ops
•IaaS Overview
•Paas Overview
•Saas Overview
•DevOps on the Cloud
Introduction to Linux
•Linux Introduction, Principles & Linux distro
•Command line utilities & Basic commands
•Linux File system
•Text Editors (VIM)
•Filters & I/O Redirections
•Users & Group administration
•File permissions & Ownerships
•Software Management: Red Hat & Ubuntu
•Useful tools: ssh, telnet, scp, rsync, disk utilities, backups etc.
•Service & Process management
•Systems and HW stats

•Why is Vagrant
•Virtual Box
•Installation and Configuration
•Installing Virtual box
•Creating first VM with Vagrant
•Connecting to the VM

Introduction to Cloud computing

•What is cloud computing
•DevOps & Cloud
•Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud
•Advantages of Cloud Computing

Continuous Integration: Jenkins

•Continuous Integration - Jenkins
•Jenkins Introduction

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