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Successful Guy Looking for a Good Female Friend

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Location Karnataka
My age: 37 years old
Posted by: AnandJain
Member since: 05/07/2012
Visitors: 000
+++ Young Lady or College Girl who are Alone & unloved , get LOVE ,
and everything to renew your LIFE with HOPE & HAPPINESS+++

You PROBABLY Know why you are Here .


## IF YOU CHOOSE to RESPOND , Plz RESPOND with your WhatsAPP
MOBILE Number and I WILL NOT CALL . We can Chat ##

My USA WhatsAPP Number is :: +1 917 460 6715

It is 001 917 460 6715

Dear Young Lady or a College Girl ,

You are Looking for Something Special !!!

You want someone who VALUE you forever after he LOVES
and Care for you .

But you Experienced LOVE which Vanished and Probably
your Ex-boyfriend didn`t VALUE you in LIFE !!!

Are you truly looking for REAL LOVE , PAMPER , AFFECTION
& DO or HAVE whatever you LIKE in your Life ?

Are you Truly & Sincerely looking for a NICE GUY who can be
WHATEVER you WANT him to be which you WANT Now ?

Are you a Lady or Girl looking for true PLATONIC friendship
& a Well-Wisher with a Decent Matured guy who is Successful ?

Are you a Lady or a independent Girl who needs only a Male
Companion or Acquaintance who will be a initially only a FRIEND ?

Are you a Lady or a Girl looking for being a travel Friend or Travel
Associate helping me in my Travelling for Dubai, Singapore
& sometime USA for my Seminars / Presentations etc ?

I am 37, very Nice , Decent , intellectual & Successful guy who loves
making MONEY and is Successful in many Businesses and I can
HELP you to be Successful if you are OPEN for whatever
you WANT .

I have traveled extensively throughout India and abroad and
recently came from New York , USA and traveling again for my Seminar.

I am travelling to New York again during Oct 2017 and will be there
for a Couple of months .. If you are ambitious young lady
you have an OPPORTUNITY to visit USA for FREE* later.

I really like to have a Decent and Nice friendship with a Young Lady
for going to on a Ride or Mall or Cinema or reading a Book or
watching a education video on relationship and
discussing about it and converting an IDEA into SOMETHING BIG.

I am to look Slim & Tall . I stay in Indiranagar and I like to have
Good Intellectual type friends around Indiranagar or Kormangala.

Don`t come to CONCLUSION until we have WhatsAPP communication,


I would like to have a Good Female Friends of any age as
long as they are comfortable to chat and talk and later meet if they
are keen to Hang out in a Coffee Shop or attend educational Seminars
or Films etc.

I am looking for Lady from 20+ to 28 who is keen to LEARN and
GROW and Friendly in and around Indiranagar or East part of
Bangalore or Central Part of Bangalore .

We can Meet at Indiranagar or MG ROAD .You should be
success-minded and wants to travel the world and Love
be an Intimate friend then contact me ..

I will share my Photos , Videos and Website .

So that you will know about me . This is only to give confidence
that I am a Real and Genuine & Decent Person .

So if you are Looking for a Genuine Friend who can be your
Well Wisher or Mentor or Chat/Coffee Friend plz write to me
Confidently with your Name , Email ID and Mobile Number .

You can get Books & DVDs FREELY which are educational
& empowering. Later based on Good friendship & Communication ,

If you really need a Good friendship , then you need to take the
first step of WhatsAPPing now with your Details. Plz add your
Mobile Number and Photo also .

+1 917 460 6715 ( Only Females Respond )

So plz be in touch and First contact by WhatsAPP if you are truly looking
for Genuine , Friendly , Decent , Nice and Pro-active Guy .
When you Write , plz write everything about you so that I don`t
have to ask you again with Questions like ::

What are you Doing ? Where do you Live ? Your education or your Work .

Mention in your First Reply itself all the usual stuff like your
AGE , where you STAY and what do you ASPIRE in Life .

Plz Write briefly or in Detail about you with your Name , Email ID
and WhatsAPP Mobile Number with your Photo too to speed-up
the Communication ..

Thank you

Abhi J
IT Entrepreneur, Business Owner.
Personal Coach,Trainer, Consultant.
WhatsAPP me Directly on my USA Number :: +1 917 Four Six ZERO 6715 .

NOTE : My Photos , VIDEOS and WEBSITE will be Sent after you
Send me your NAME , Email ID and Mobile Number . Plz write in
Detail and give me your Email ID so that I can Send you the PHOTO .

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