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Location Karnataka
My age: 30 years old
Posted by: Empowerlpg
Member since: 26/10/2016
Visitors: 000
Anyway, I'm man 30, fit, easygoing, respectful, can carry a conversation and can be funny (depends on the person). So if you are looking for the same, send me an email and hopefully we can go from there :) I'm open to anyone really maybe around 20-40.

It's that overwhelming need for a simple human touch. I don't think there's a person here that doesn't know *exactly* what I am
talking about.

I think the notion of a 'cuddle buddy' could work, but for many, cuddling is so wrapped up in the larger progression of intimacy, I think the occasional 'accident' would probably be inevitable when carried out long term, good intentions notwithstanding. Every once in a while - sure, I think we can maintain a level "not to exceed." If we're spending a considerable amount of time , as "cuddle buddies,"

On more than one occasion we may, when going through a tough time, being lonely, we just need someone to hold ... or even to spend the night with someone beside us. No sex involved, just feeling the comfort of someone close. And there are those times when I needed it too.
I think one of us, if not both , is going to end up wanting a little more - either sex, or a serious relationship, or both. I am ok with the former , not the latter as i just got out of one !!

I'm strictly looking for someone who I can hanging with, watch movies, hold hand, cuddle, kissing, without the commitment of being in a relationship. I guess it sounds like a fwb type . Not even sure if this is the right section lol 9148789999

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